Henry Import Export founded since 1990 as a wholesale company based in San Francisco.

We specialised in manufacturing music instrument miniature in different category.

At present, we have music instrument miniature made in Collectable gift box, Ornament, Magnet, Pin, Key Chain, Necklace, Bottle Stopper, Napkin Holder, Framed in shadow box, Music Box, and Photo Frame.

We manufacture lighting fixture and light bulb, we have different type of lighting fixture for shop, show window, and show case. We also custom made lighting fixture according to your special usage. 

We also carry other gift items such as candle holder, jewelry box, wall decor, coaster, table mat, memo board, stationery, wind chime, and figurine.

Comment required

We are adding new design to our product line from time to time. If you have a new idea to be made with mini music instrument. We will be glad to received your suggestion. When we have new idea, we also like to  receive your comment. please go to the page "Comment required" and give us your precious idea.
Little tips for ordering

1. At the end of the Shopping Cart page, We have a feature that you can save your order list in the computer, if you cannot complete the order at once, you can save your order and finish it in 2 or 3 days later.

2. Searching tips: For easy ordering and searching, we classify our products by category and also by music instrument. For example, you may order a saxophone ornament in "Gift items by Category/ornament/Brass instrument ornament" and also you can order it in "gift items by music instrument/saxophone"

Make full use of this page for easy ordering.

There is a small heart icon at the right hand side next to the "shoppong cart" icon and "email" icon. Whenever you found your interest item, click the "Favorites" icon, and your favorite item will be store in this page.

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4. BUYER OUTSIDE USA : For buyer outside United State, there is a "Currency" icon on the righ hand corner, click on that, and choose your own currency, and all the price will convert to the currency you choose. It is easy to know how much you pay for your order